Blessing of Newly Renovated Rooms

January 28, 2016

After months of prayer, planning, construction, waiting, packing and anticipation the newly renovated rooms on D Wing at Saint Joseph Villa were completed and ready for occupancy! The sisters, with the help of many, began moving into their new rooms on August 26, 2015.


On Monday August 31, 2015 Sister Dorothy Apprich SSJ invited the General Council to join the sisters and staff for a blessing of the new rooms.


With joy and gratitude Dottie welcomed all gathered. “Once again, we find ourselves at a special moment in time: the completion of the first set of newly renovated rooms!  It is fitting that we gather, then, to give thanks for this wonderful gift and to ask God’s blessing.


As we stand in this space, we remember those whose shoulders we stand on…our sisters who have gone before us, and especially those who were inspired to build the first “Villa Dream Project.”  We are so grateful for their wisdom, courage, and foresight…that led them to build for us a strong foundation such that we can now envision the “New Villa Dream Project!”  Indeed, we stand on holy ground.


We are grateful, too, for all those persons whose hard work has brought us to this moment. We give thanks for those who have partnered with us: our project managers from Stantec; our architects from SFCS; our construction team from Wohlsen; and the countless sub-contractors whose work made this day possible.  We give thanks to our God who has blessed the work of their hands and we ask God’s blessing on each and all for, indeed, these are holy hands.


As we ask God’s blessing on these newly renovated rooms and on all who will live in them, we find confidence in the words of Isaiah, the Prophet: “Thus says the Lord, your God:  My people will live in peaceful dwelling places, in secure homes, in undisturbed places of rest.”                                                                              Isaiah32: 18


Following prayer, song and reflection on each floor, Dottie invited members of the Pastoral Care Team to sprinkle the new rooms with holy water.


Sister Anne Myers SSJ expressed her gratitude: The Council and I couldn’t wait to come over here this afternoon to share in your joy. We are grateful to all who made today a reality and would especially like to thank Sister Dorothy and her team (Lynn, Marian, Mike) for the leadership they have given to this project. And to all of you…thank you… for your patience and perseverance through this. Thank you for inviting us and letting us share in your joy.”