chapel 5


A Portrait of a Villa Employee–Standards of Excellence

Spirit of Unity / Teamwork
As a Villa employee, I…


  • am willing to assist any co-worker when needed
  • am loyal and supportive to co-workers
  • offer assistance to orient / include new employees
  • am flexible in response to a change in work assignment
  • participate in team meetings
  • am inclusive and value the contributions of all
  • include those who will be affected by a decision in the decision making process itself
Spirit of Hospitality / Relationship Building
As a Villa employee, I…
  • greet each person I meet
  • welcome new residents, families, and co-workers and introduce myself
  • am courteous and friendly
  • recognize and celebrate the diverse gifts in others
  • build positive relationships throughout the Villa Community
Responsibility / Stewardship / Sense of Ownership
As a Villa employee, I…
  • believe that I am responsible for the Villa’s reputation
  • understand and perform the responsibilities of my job
  • report all concerns involving the health, safety, and well being of residents and co-workers
  • attend and participate in in-services
  • am open and willing to learn new ideas / approaches to my job
As a Villa employee, I…
  • recognize the dignity and value of each person
  • strive to appreciate, embrace and celebrate the rich diversity of persons in our Villa community
  • speak to others in a kind manner
  • speak positively about residents and co-workers who are different from myself
  • am honest and courteous in interactions with others
  • respond to direction with emotional control; give direction with emotional control
  • maintain privacy and confidentiality in personal matters
  • always knock on the door before entering a room
  • treat the property of others carefully and responsibly
As a Villa employee, I…
  • listen attentively to others and respond respectfully
  • share important information with co-workers and with residents and families as appropriate
  • address concerns with the appropriate persons in a timely manner and am willing to work together to resolve the concerns
Compassionate Care / Service
As a Villa employee, I…
  • answer all residents’ call bells for assistance in a timely manner
  • avoid saying: “It is not my job.” When unable to meet a request, I am responsible for finding someone who can meet the request
  • show respect and kindness to a resident’s family members
  • give residents and families priority by stopping what I am doing in order to listen and respond to their needs
  • always ask: “Is there anything else I can do for you?” before leaving a resident’s room
  • take time to talk to residents and families
  • give timely feedback to persons who express concerns
  • foster a healing environment within the Villa community