Activities Department

The Activities Program provides an activity schedule appropriate to the needs and interests of each resident. The programs encourage each resident’s maximum level of independence, enjoyment and psycho-social well-being.

Recent Events!

Saint Joseph Villa
Parrots Brighten Up the Fourth Floor
July 13, 2017

Pet therapy, also known as Animal Assisted Therapy, is a broad technique involving any interaction that patients have with animals to make them feel better — physically, emotionally, socially or cognitively.Linda Cusano, Life Enrichment Manager, has worked at Saint Joseph Villa for five years. Her dog, Brady, comes with her to work on the fourth floor three times a week.

On Thursday, July 13, 2017, Linda, along with her friends, Bev and Marcella, delighted the residents and staff on the fourth floor with some feathery friends — their two parrots.

Linda explains the benefits of such encounters. “Pets that the sisters can touch allows sisters who are normally nonverbal to speak in complete sentences, to express emotions, to smile and to laugh. Look at the faces of the sisters in the photos — their smiles say it all. I took the pictures and am in the process of having these pictures printed out and posted on the bedroom doors for them to look at, to smile with and to remember those feelings once again. For me, those pictures are priceless!”


The Maxims of the Sisters of Saint Joseph are short sayings of wisdom given to our first sisters but meant for all persons who aspire to make a difference in the world:

Have good intentions in whatever you do, but always mind your ego!

—SSJ Maxim 83