Saint Joseph Villa has always been known for providing excellent care and service. A spirit of welcome and peace permeates the entire community and characterizes all our relationships.

Flowing from our mission of unity, our vision is to create home and community where our residents want to live, and in which they thrive and where our employees want to work, and in which they take great pride!

Our goal of transformation involves a total shift from what has been a medical model of care in an institutional setting to a more social or holistic model of care that is truly resident-directed. This vision calls us to respect the dignity and value of each individual to ensure choice and self-determination throughout an individual’s life, to honor a person’s entire life and life’s accomplishments, to build healthy community and foster meaningful living.

By building relational communities wherever we live and serve, we keep our mission of unity alive.

The Maxims of the Sisters of Saint Joseph are short sayings of wisdom given to our first sisters but meant for all persons who aspire to make a difference in the world:

Have good intentions in whatever you do, but always mind your ego!

—SSJ Maxim 83